Officer Resources

From the Military Academy

Students for the Military Academy come from graduates of Military High Schools and students from State and Private High Schools. At the end of the four-year education training period, successful candidates receive both an “Undergraduate Diploma”, equivalent to an academic program, and an “Officer Diploma” in accordance with the branch in which they have been educated. These candidates graduate as 2nd lieutenants.


Officers who have graduated from other Colleges and Junior Colleges on behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces

Students who have graduated from high school and have the right to continue on to college and junior college, as well as students who have been successful in their college or junior college education, are chosen on behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces as cadets to be educated in colleges or junior colleges in Turkey, or in other countries when necessary.


Outsourced Regular/Contracted Officers

Land Forces Command contains some branches for which the existing military training institutions cannot educate military personnel. For these branches, people who have graduated from various university departments can be employed as contracted or regular officers on the condition that they pass a physical ability test and written and verbal exams, and that they have the required qualifications (candidates who have graduated from a four-year college or junior college and are 27 years of age or under according to unrevised birth certificate, and candidates who have completed a graduate program and are aged 32 or under).


Transfers from NCOs

NCOs who have graduated from at least a four-year college or junior college and who have completed their fourth year of active duty as at least staff sergeant and NCO or have not completed the seventh year of active duty, whose average conduct grade on the date of application is at least 90 percent, and who pass the qualifying examination, are commissioned as regular officers.