Turkish Land Forces Modernization Projects

T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter Project

With the T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter Project, the Land Forces requirement for a high performance attack helicopter, capable of functioning at high altitude, day/night and in poor weather conditions as the TLF’s attack and reconnaissance platform will be satisfied. Delivery still continues.

Modern Tank Production with National Resources (ALTAY)

The long-term platform requirement for the future will be ensured with the addition of ALTAY tanks that are capable of high movement and survivability and have a long range and effective fire power into the inventory and the removal of other tanks that are coming to the end of their economic and physical lives. Development process still continues.

Leopard 1 Tank Upgrades, M60 A1 Tank Modernization

Until the ALTAY project has been completed, the projects of Upgrading the Leopard 1 Tank, Modernization of M60 A1 Tank and Procurement of Leopard 2A4 Tanks will fulfill the intergeneration tank requirements of Land Forces Command. The deliveries of these tanks have now been completed and added to the inventory.

T-155 Self Propelled FIRTINA (Thunder) Howitzer Project

With this Project, The T-155 Self Propelled FIRTINA howitzer with high range, brisance and survivability, and containing advanced command and control systems has been developed by Land Forces Command in order to provide for the continuous, effective and timely fire support of maneuvering units and its mass production continues.

The Ammunition Vehicle (POYRAZ) Project for Self Propelled Howitzers

The Ammunition Vehicle for Self Propelled Howitzers (POYRAZ) has been developped for the domestic production of an ammunition vehicle that can load the required ammunition to ensure the uninterrupted usage of the outstanding firepower of the FIRTINA Howitzers and mass production is continuing.

155 mm Long Range Ammunition Project

The design and development phases of the 155 mm Long Range Ammunition Project, initiated in order to fulfill the long range ammunition requirements of the Fırtına and Panter howitzers, have been completed. Within the scope of mass production agreement the procurement of the ammunition is continuing.

The Airborne 105 mm Light Towed Howitzer Project

The Air Portable 105 mm Light Towed Howitzer (BORAN) Project has been initiated for the domestic production of a light, long-range artillery weapon system equipped with modern command and control systems. Design and Development phases are continuing.

122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher, 302 mm Kasırga Multiple Rocket Launcher System and 600 mm Yıldırım (J) Missile System

122 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher, 302 mm Kasırga Multiple Rocket Launcher System and 600 mm Yıldırım (J) Missile System, which constitute the ground to-ground rocket systems in the Land Forces Command inventory, continue to be used successfully in firing drills.

On the other hand, with the K+ Project; Development and Production activities are continuing in order to add a guided missile system into the Kasırga system.

A Medium-Range Anti-tank Weapon (MIZRAK-O) is developed to stop, retard and destroy enemy armored and mechanized units.

2,75 Inch Rocket (Laser Guided) Ammunition Project

Laser guided ammunition (CİRİT) is domestically produced in order to be launched from Super Cobra (AH 1W) Helicopter, currently in the inventory and ATAK helicopters that will be procured. While using CIRIT, the targets can be marked with laser from the air vehicle that the ammunition is launched from, other vehicles or from the ground.

Low-Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HİSAR-A) Project

With the Low-Altitude Air Defense Missile System Project, maneuvering units will gain a low-altitude air defense capability following the domestic development and procurement of guided missile systems in two configurations: autonomous and towed. Development phase activities still continue.

Medium-Altitude Air Defense Missile System (HİSAR-O) Project

The Medium-Altitude Air Defense Missile System Project aims at neutralizing the enemy air threats at medium altitude. The guided missile system, which will be carried out alongside the Low-Altitude Air Defense Missile system, is to be designed and produced domestically. The activities of development phase still continue.

Long Range Anti-Tank (MIZRAK-U) Missile

A Long Range Anti tank (MIZRAK-U) Missile is being developed to be used in the missile system of attack helicopters to be procured within the scope of the ATAK Project.

Mine Resistance Ambush Protection (MRAP) (KİRPİ)

Mine Resistance Ambush Protection (MRAP) (KİRPİ) has been procured in order to decrease the effects of Improvised Explosive Device (IED)/mines and to provide more effective protection during deployments, and has started to be used by units in March 2011.

Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Project

Domestically produced vehicles are being used to procure new generation vehicles instead of old ones and to provide standardization and unity.

Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle Project

Closed-Type Turreted Vehicles (COBRA) are being procured that are able to protect personnel from mine and kinetic energy ordnance.

Tank Transporter Vehicle and Trailer Project

In the Tank Transporter Vehicle and Trailer Project, a tank transporter vehicle and a trailer with a 70-ton capacity are procured to facilitate the strategic level deployment of new generation tanks and to increase the mobility of maneuvering elements.

Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) Project

Keeping abreast of technological developments, TLF units are being kept up-to-date with modern systems and devices to allow them to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition missions effectively. Particular importance is given to the procurement and expansion of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), which are being used at every unit level under Land Forces Command. Within this scope, agreements have been signed for the procurement of the Tactical UAV systems required by Land Forces Command, and development efforts are continuing.

Thermal Cameras, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems

Thermal Cameras, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems have been procured to increase the reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities of border units and base areas, as well as Thermal Binoculars and Thermal Weapon Telescopes to increase the thermal vision capabilities of units and Pilot Night Vision Glasses to increase the night vision capabilities of helicopter flight personnel.

Tactical Field Communication Systems

The state-of-the-art Tactical Field Communication Systems that have been added to the inventory will provide Land Forces units with the ability to communi cate in a safe, automatic and digital communication environment at a “tactical” level.

Air Defense Early Warning and Command and Control System and Fire Support Automation Projects

Within the scope of weapon and command and control units management and cost effective target-weapon synchronization by analyzing the information obtained from national target acquisition systems with national command and control systems, important abilities are being gained in the TLF’s Air Defense Early Warning and Command and Control System and Fire Support Automation projects.

Bridge Tank

Production activities are continuing on the 70-ton floating-type Bridge Tank, which will allow modern tanks to cross dry/wet areas of land safely and securely, increasing the maneuverability of units in the combat area.

Amphibious Armored Combat Engineering Vehicles Project

Amphibious Armored Combat Engineering Vehicles (KUNDUZ), which provide armor protection to arrange the far bank, and can breach or remove obstacles during river crossing operations, have been added to the TLF inventory.

Mobile Floating Assoult Bridge (SAMUR) Project

A Mobile Floating Assoult Bridge (SYHK) that will allow the units to cross wetland during combat is started to be used.

Portable Mine Detection System

In order to determine Mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Portable Mine Detection Systems are taken into the inventory and development phases are continuing.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Projects

Systems are being procured in order to protect Land Forces Command personnel against CBRN attacks and to ensure continued operational effectiveness in contaminated environments.

Modern Infantry Rifle Project

A Modern Infantry Rifle is domestically produced in order to improve a new generation weapon that can be used effectively in every type of weather and terrain, which is 7.62x51 mm in diameter, having an effective range of 600 m. and a modular structure on which optics and accessorizes can be mounted, protecting the mechanism against the dirtiness of powder gas, movement with gas piston and having a rotary and locking mechanism. Mass production activities are continuing. Modern Machine Gun development activities are continuing to provide integrity with Modern Infantry Rifle.