Peace Support Operations

1. Turkey has taken part in various Peace Support Operations in order to contribute to regional and global peace in accordance with the Ataturk’s “Peace at home, Peace in the world” motto.

2. In this context Turkey has contributed to,

a. “Hope Operations” in Somalia between 1992-1994 with a Mechanized Infantry Company.

b. Peace Support Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the responsibility of UN, NATO, and EU since 1994. Turkey is also responsible for one of the Regional Coordination Centers constituted in five different regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina that mostly conducts civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) activities.

c. Kosovo Force (KFOR) Operations since 1999 with a Battalion Task Force and assigned personnel in Kosovo Force HQ. In this period, Turkey commanded Kosovo Multinational South Task Force Command between May 2007 and May 2008 for a year.

d. Essential Harvest Operations in Macedonia between 26 August- 26 September 2001 with an Infantry Company Team.

e. ISAF Operations, conducted by NATO since 20 February 2001 in Afghanistan. Turkey was the leader country in 2nd (June 2002- February 2003) and 7th (February 2005-August 2005) periods, also had the responsibility of Kabul International Airport in 7th period.

In order to support Afghan Security Forces in securing Kabul city, Kabul Multinational Brigade Command has been reorganized by Turkey, Italy and France under the name Kabul Regional Command since August 2006.

Turkey carried out Kabul Regional Command task for the first time during April- December 2007, for 8 months. On 1st November 2009 Turkey has took this mission again for a year and since 01 November 2010 with regard to the requests of Afghan and NATO authorities, Turkey has made a decision to continue this mission again for one year.

Apart from the mission of commanding Kabul Regional Command, Turkey has made the following training contributions to;

(1) Instructor personnel assigned in Ghazi Training Centre opened in Afghanistan in February 2010 and Afghan units and NCOs,

(2) Afghan companies in Interior Security Training and Exercise Central Command in Isparta, Turkey since October 2009,

(3) Five Operations Guidance and Liaison Teams assigned to Kabul as well as Battalion and Brigade level Afghan Units,

(4) Afghan officers with the teachers, trainers, advisors assigned to Afghan Defense University, Command Staff College, Military College, Military High School and Kabul Military Training Centre.

Turkey also has supported the reconstruction of Afghanistan with the Regional Reconstruction Teams organized with Ministry of Internal Affairs and TLF personnel under the coordination of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vardak in October 2006 and in Cevizcan in July 2010.

f. Turkey participated in UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Operation with an Engineer Instruction Company between 20 October 2006- 01 September 2013 .

g. Turkey leads the establishment of South Eastern Europe Multinational Peace Force Brigade (SEEBRIG), which has been supported by Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Greece in order to maintain security and stability in the South East Europe and Balkans.
South Eastern Europe Multinational Peace Force Brigade Headquarters which was established on 31st August 1999, as required by the rotation plan of 1999- 2015 period, relocated respectively among Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece for a four year period. According to the rotation plan, SEEBRIG HQ which has been in Istanbul/Turkey during 2007-2011 periods will be deployed in Larissa/Greece during 2011-2015 periods. Brigade Command responsibility is rotated among countries for two years. Having the first Brigade Command task during 1999-2001, Turkey again has this mission until 2013-2015 during which SEEBRIG will be deployed in Greece.