Qualification Awarded                     Associate’s Degree

Level of Qualification                       Associate’s Degree (Short cycle)


Admission Requirements

Being the graduate of Band NCO Preparatory High School.


Recognition of Prior Laerning

The graduates of Band NCO Preparatory High School can transfer vertically to vocational college without examination.


Profile of the Program

The students of wind instruments and percussion program acquire the theoretical, technical and musical knowledge, skills and habits required by their major instrument. They benefitfrom those acquisitions in their group or orchestral playings and vocalizaions. They analyze the pieces of music they play, and use the knowledge they acquired in interpreting that piece as well. They develop a repertoire of musical pieces written for instrument and instrument groups in their fields. They recognize the style, composers and their works from various eras of Turkish and classical music. They demonstrate the performance skills they acquired individually and in groups in front of audiences. They can take responsibility as a group member in all kinds of works and project in the field. In addition to the framework of wind and percussion program, they also learn  the practices related to the military bands. They develop a sensitivity about work ethics, social values and a respect for law.


Program Qualifications (Key Learning Outcomes)

The students who succesfully complete this program;
1.         Can analyze pieces of music using basic musical theory (form, harmony, theory),
2.         Develop a high and selective sense of perception and reception in solfege and rhytmic solutions,
3.         Have knowledge on the cultuaral and historical aspects of classical music and traditional Turkish music,
4.         Develop arepertoire of musical pieces written for instruments, choirs and orchestras,
5.         Have the technical/musical knowledge and skills to play the etudes written for his major instrument and also the musical pieces of various styles, types and time periods,
6.         Have the technical/musical knowledge and skills to play the pieces of music written/arranged for instrument/sound groups or choirs/orchestras in harmony,
7.         Can adapt and arrange a piece of music for a band of wind and percussion instruments based on the technical characteritics of the instrument,
8.         Can take responsibility as a group member in all prefessional activities and profect in their field of music,
9.         Being aware of the necessity of lifelong learning and self improvement, have the skills to think critically, access the knowledge and follow the developments in art/music, science and technology,
10.       Have the skills to present and demonstrate the topics in his field to the society effectively and properly using visual, written and oral communication methods,
11.       Can follow the developments in the field of music using English at CEFR A 2 Level, Access the sources he needs, and communicate with his colleagues,
12.       Can use the software in the field of music and also the informing & communicationtechnologies,
13.       Are eager to follow and join musical activities, and also can make inferences forthemselves,
14.       Have the sense of Professional ethics, can work in groups and teams, and can do the responsibilities and duties given on to them,
15.       Develop a sensitivity and respect for human rights, social values, law, enviroment, and implement security measures in activities related to his field.


The education is based on music, so the evaluations of the courses are different. For each course taken, the student is given one of the following grades by the course teacher. The letter grades, grade points and percentage equivalents are given below:

Semester Final Grade is calculated by taking the midterm success grade’s 40% (a Mid-Term Exam’s 70% and Mid-Term Evaluation Grade’s 30%) and 60% of the final exam score. Military courses, applications and also academic training period are excluded while calculating the CGPA. The student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average must be at least 2.00 out of 4.00 to graduate.


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